Wednesday 10 July

09:00 Chair’s Opening Address
— AbuBakr Bahaj
Energy Networks and Cities (Chair AbuBakr Bahaj)
09:10 City of Southampton Green City Charter
— Chris Hammond
09:40 UK to be Net Zero Carbon by 2050
— Brian Collins
10:10 What Works to Shift Consumption? Results from a Large Scale Demand Response Trial
— Tom Rushby
10:25 Local Urban Area Electricity Demand Profile Modelling for Infrastructure Investment and Demand Response
— Ben Anderson
10:40 Load Forecasting for Efficient Energy Self-consumption in an Urban Microgrid
— Abdou Tankari Mahamadou
10:55 Tea break
Smart Cities and Energy (Chair Stephanie Gauthier)
11:30 Data Trust and Observatory for Cities
— Wendy Hall
12:00 The London Building Stock Model
— Stephen Evans / Philip Steadman
12:15 Linking Open Energy Models and Building Performance Monitoring
— Lamberto Tronchin
12:30 Moving Domiciliary Care into the Digital Age for Resilient Cities
— Leonidas Bourikas
12:45 Infrared Thermographic Fault Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Building-Mounted Photovoltaics
— Alois Klink
13:00 Lunch
Empowering and Energising the Communities (Chair Samson Ondiek)
14:00 Prebound Effect in a Tower Block Passivhaus Retrofit in Portsmouth
— Patrick James
14:30 Empowering the Energy Community
— Tony Day
14:50 China’s Renewable Energy Investment in Africa: Comparing Ethiopia and South Africa
— Wei Shen
15:05 Energy Performance of Rural Residential Buildings in Southern Sichuan
— Haibin Zhang
15:20 How can Local Government Respond to the Climate Emergency? How Energy Innovation in Oxfordshire is Providing Cheaper and Cleaner Energy
— Tom Hayes
15:35 Technology Infrastructure to Support Low Carbon Transitions in Cities
— Wayne Sharpe
14:00-15:50 Parallel Session
Lessons learnt from a 5-year Ofgem LCNF Funded Project: Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency (SAVE), aiming to improve electricity network resilience through energy efficiency of consumers in the Solent Region
15:50 Tea break
Solar Energy for Cities (Chair Gary Wilburn)
16:20 Solar Heating Technologies and Building Energy Conservation in West China
— Yanfeng Liu
16:40 A Novel Method for Estimating the Daily Diffuse Solar Radiation using Copula-based Nonlinear Quantile Regression
— Yong Zhou
16:55 Installation of Solar Street Lighting Systems in Moscow Parks: Kuzminki-Lyublino Park Case Study
— Sergei Koshikin
17:10 Regulating Light Pollution in Sustainable Cities at Night-Time – Giving Visual Comfort back to Citizens
— Yingying Meng
17:25 Solar Photovoltaic System Application in Cities – a Case Study of Southampton
— Yue Wu
17:40 End of first day

Thursday 11 July

Future Cities and Planning (Chair: Ben Anderson)
09:00 Beyond Utopian Dreams – Future Cities and Places
— Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University, UK
09:30 Community-led Festivals as a Mechanism for Perception & Behaviour Change in UK Secondary High Streets
— Philip Turner, University of Southampton, UK
09:45 Energy Saving Measures Uptake in UK Fuel Poor Households
— Ricardo Cortes & Stephanie Gauthier, University of Southampton, UK
10:00 Where Energy Efficiency, Heat and Noise Collide: in Search of the Perfect Home
— Tatiana Sanches, University of Southampton, UK
10:15 Study of System Dynamic Model on Sustainable Planning of Guangzhou Based on Energy-Food-Water Nexus
— Linyu Xu, Beijing Normal University, China
10:30 Tea break
Low Energy Building Design (Chair Soteris Kalogirou)
11:00 Smart Homes and Energy-Autonomous Districts; socio-technical enablers
— Jeremy Watson, University College London, UK
11:30 Low Energy Building Design and Integration of Renewable Systems
— Gary Wilburn, HPW Architecture Ltd, UK
11:50 English Domestic Occupancy Profiles
— Victoria Aragon, University of Southampton, UK
12:05 How to Mitigate CO2 Emission in Urban Agglomeration: Scenario Analysis of Jing-Jin-Ji Urban Agglomeration Green Space Sprawl
— Wenhao Wu, Beijing Normal University, China
12:20 Bridging the Performance Gap in one Green Office Building via a Holistic Approach
— Xiaoying Wu, Tsinghua University, China
12:35 From Thermal Sensation to Person-Centric Thermal Zones for Adaptive Building Strategies
— Stephanie Gauthier, University of Southampton, UK
12:50 Lunch
Energy Simulation in Buildings (Chair Jeremy Watson)
14:00 A Data-driven Study for the Real Performance of Green Buildings in China
— Borong Lin, Tsinghua University, China
14:30 Potential of Cooling Greenhouses via Earth-Tube Heat Exchangers
— Abdulrahim Al-Ismaili, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
14:45 Influence on Key design Parameters of Energy Consumption in the Atrium of Commercial Buildings in Typical Climate Zones in China
— Zehui Yang, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
15:00 Do System-built Houses have Higher Heating Demand than Traditionally-Constructed Houses?: Evidence from Social Housing in Portsmouth, UK
— Luke Blunden, University of Southampton, UK
15:15 Thermal Comfort Evaluation for Tropically Acclimatized Subjects in Air Conditioned and Radiant Cooled Micro Environment
— Jayashree Arumugam, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
15:30 The Study on the Applicability of Non-Equilibrium Thermal Design Method
— Hao Dong, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
15:45 Tea break
Thermal Studies in Buildings (Chair Lixiao Zhang)
16:15 Building Integrated Solar Thermal Systems – A New Era of Renewables in Buildings
— Soteris Kalogirou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus
16:45 Thermal Investigation of Phase Change Materials Based on LLDPE, Paraffin Wax and Expanded Graphite
— Karkri Mustapha,  CERTES Laboratory, Paris-Est University, France
17:00 Effects of Shading and Air Vent Management on Trombe Wall With Phase Change Material: an Experimental Study
— Liqiang Hou, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
17:15 Thermal Physiological Basis for Partial Space Heating Strategies in Sleeping Thermal Environment Regulation
— Cong Song, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
17:30 Poster Session
18:30 Hot Buffet Reception

Friday 12 July 2019

Energy and Policy (Chair: AbuBakr Bahaj)
09:30 Future of UK Energy Policy
— Alan Whitehead
10:00 Opportunities for Public Transport in Cities (TBC)
— Nick Tyler
10:30 Flexibility in the Distribution System Operators (DSO) World
— Alexander Howison
10:50 Kenya Government Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policies?
— Isaac Kiva
11:05 Improving the Business Case for Energy Efficient Building Refurbishment through Provision of Grid Services: A Conceptual Analysis
— Joanna Southernwood
11:20 Is Wind Power Industry Becoming Greener in China?
— Lixiao Zhang, Beijing Normal University, China
10:35 Tea break
12:00 Forum – Energy and Evolving Cities
13:00 Award Ceremony
13:05 Closing Remark
— AbuBakr Bahaj, Chair of ICEC 2019 Conference
13:15 Lunch


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