The International Conference on Energy and Cities (ICEC) series address energy and cities with special emphasis on renewable energy and low carbon within, and beyond, city boundaries. The Conference also covers technical and policy solutions needed to achieve energy efficiency, reduced consumption, and thermal comfort.

The conference covers the following themes and topics:

1. Energy and Buildings

Micro-generation  (solar, wind, geothermal, bio-fuel, etc)
Smart, green and responsive buildings
Energy efficiency in buildings
Building energy technologies and systems
Heating and cooling systems
Energy demand and use optimisation

2. Evolving Cities

Smart cities & communities
Sustainable and resilient cities
Sustainable urban systems & infrastructure
Life cycle assessment
Ecology, ecosystem and biodiversity
Energy storage & ICT (battery, fuel cell, etc.)

3. Energy and Policies

Regulations and codes for buildings
Feed-in tariff
Energy capacity building
Energy and carbon saving incentive
Energy awareness, acceptance and take-up
International cooperation




Conference programme

Key Dates

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